Watch World Cup Live with FIFA and TF1

The application of the World Cup 2014 FIFA is no longer available on the App Store since the end of the competition.

Watch World Cup Live with FIFA and TF1

TF1 and FIFA have teamed up to offer this official app, FIFA World Cup 2014, which brings together all the information from the World Cup, collected by two "companies".
Watch the video games on the iPhone, get all the information about the timing of the World Cup, the latest news from the team of France, the implementation Cup World Cup 2014 brings all under a single interface.
Matches the France team video from the iPhone, this is a new feature offered by TF1, with a right of access to 3.99 euros. The matches of the World Cup live are accessible via WiFi and 3G. However, check your package does not have any surprises ...
In the end, you have access to 64 games, all goals, abstracts, key actions, etc.. This is the content of the FIFA World Cup 2014 which is available on your iPhone.
Watching the World Cup on your iPhone, this is now possible thanks to World Cup 2014 FIFA.

For technical reasons, we can not offer you the direct download of the installation file. The download link then returns to the Apple App Store.

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