2014 World Cup Ticket Prices and Cost

2014 world cup ticket prices

2014 World Cup Ticket Prices

With only a matter of months before the event, the 2014 World Cup ticket prices bring up the particular buzz. That says, as the 2014 Brazil World Cup schedule settles in June to July 2014, you had better enough time to prepare your saving for 2014 world cup ticket prices and the travel to the continent.

The Price of a Rare Experience
Everyone agrees that World Cup is very special and it applies to the World Cup Brasil2014 as well. Flocking Brazil next year is unavoidable, as it always happens once in four years to every host nation. The groups of people around the world come to the designated host nation for a number of reasons, from simply sharing the excitement and passion at stadiums to earnestly supporting the favorite team. Anyway, each penny you spend for witnessing 64 live matches in person is worth more than the currency. For enthusiastic supporters, being personally at World Cup is such a thrilling and unforgettable experience, indeed.

The Ticketing
Of course, any reserved or pre-ordered ticketing service will make the World Cup watching experience more on the cards, but you should wait for the official information of FIFA before purchasing tickets to Brazil World Cup. You may be able to book some tickets on the secure online system, just make sure it really is.

FIFA estimates there may be about 3.3 million of 2014 World Cup tickets go to public sale in around fall of 2013. Some of the tickets are planned to go to national associations for the official groups of supporters while some others, at least 75% of the total tickets, are sold directly to the public on FIFA.com, the only official website you should go to for further information on anything related to the 2014 World Cup ticket prices. It is interesting to mention that Brazilian organizers are finally allowed to sell half-price tickets exclusively to Brazilians older than 65 years old and distribute free World Cup tickets to Brazil’s poor and indigenous populations.

The 2013 Sale of World Cup Tickets
As always, ticketing issue is always a great importance for the World Cup fans. There is no difference for this year, as the 2014 World Cup ticket prices was discussed in Zurich. Several points are the result of the discussion.
•    The ticket sales – 3.3 million is a pure estimated number of ready to sell tickets.
•    The scheduling – When do Brazil world cup tickets go on sale? It is scheduled to begin soon after the 2013 Confederation Cup, around the end weeks of August or early September 2013. As for the public sale of Confederations Cup tickets was scheduled soon after the draw, around the end months of 2012. Such arrangement is set up for preventing confusion between World Cup and Confederations Cup.
•    The procedure – The first phase of ticket sale is lottery. The system allows fans to apply for the tickets and then allocated through random draw. Therefore, everyone can participate and have the equal opportunity to secure tickets. Again, most of the tickets are available on FIFA.com.
•    The pricing – The 2014 World Cup ticket prices are arranged in such a way that everyone at all financial levels can attend the matches.

The Price Tags
It is very much likely that the ticket demand for the 2014 sporting event will be overwhelming even before the occasion alone. The tickets are offered with reference to specific team and city, while a package covering all main stadiums is available as well. Per game ticket ranges from $80 USD to $900 USD, depending on different qualifying stages. Based on 2010 South Africa World Cup, these are the approximate ticket prices for Brazil 2014 World Cup.
•    Opening match tickets cost $50 USD to $450 USD.
•    Group-stage match tickets cost $50 USD to $160 USD.
•    Round-of-16 tickets cost $50 USD to $200 USD.
•    Quarterfinal tickets cost $75 USD to $300 USD.
•    Semifinal tickets cost $100 USD to $600 USD.
•    Third-place match tickets cost $75 USD to $300 USD.
•    Final tickets cost $200 USD to $900 USD.

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