Free Tickets for 2014 World Cup

The Brazilian government will make new breakthroughs. Supporters will receive free 2014 world cup ticket prices if handed weapons. This part of the disarmament campaign. Weapons circulated widely and freely in Brazil in line with the increase in crime and murder.

However, the International Football Federation (FIFA) has studied the idea. If it is deemed appropriate, approve FIFA possibility.

This idea is conveyed Ministry of Justice Brazil, last month, as part of the disarmament program in Brazil. According to Brazilian media reports, even weapons can be exchanged latest jersey (costumes) football team officially signed players.

Brazil does have a high crime rate. Disturbingly, the perpetrators have been using various types of guns freely. Thus, Brazil is moving to address this. The existence of the 2014 World Cup is considered to be the right moment to promote disarmament while building life safer and more comfortable.

A new proposal also raised the lawgivers. They had the idea that the goal posts at the stadium that used the 2014 World Cup will be made of the weapons had been destroyed. In fact, if necessary, can be used in all FIFA competitions as part of a campaign of nonviolence and the use of illegal weapons.

Renan Filho, a member of parliament of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, proposed that the 2014 World Cup adopted the theme, "For a World Without Weapons".

"We must consider the social history in maintaining peace. In South Africa the theme is the fight against AIDS. Here, we must spread the culture of peace and disarmament. We are still a country with the highest murder using guns, "Filho said in parliament last month.

In an interview with Globo Esporte website, Cilma Azevedo (Brazil Desarma representative of the campaign), the popularity of football is the key framework antisenjata movement in Brazil.

"The murder rate with guns is very high and we see football can mobilize people to fight it," he said.

During his visit to brazil world cup, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke indicated less agree with the idea of ​​swapping weapons with the ticket. "Unfortunately, I think too many guns in Brazil and we do not have a sufficient number of tickets (compared to the number of weapons)," he said.

Lastly, disarmament in Brazil is done in May. This is done after the previous month a former pupil memberondongkan bullet to former sekolahanya in Rio de Janeiro and about 12 pupils. Since then, 20,000 weapons seized. However, the threat still lurking and many weapons. For one thing, many corrupt police.

This week, police in Rio de Janeiro launched an arms smuggling operation. They managed to detain 18 people, including 13 policemen. They are accused of selling guns and drugs to gangs of Jacarezinho.

According to a study issued by the Instituto Sangari, Wednesday (14/12/2011), the murder rate in Brazil increased 124 percent in the last three decades. Noted, there are at least a million murders from 1980 to 2010.

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