Watch 2014 FIFA Football/Soccer World Cup Live HD Streaming Online

The biggest football/soccer competition, 2014 FIFA Football World Cup,  is about to begin on 12th June. This time Brazil is the host country, so it counts as a plus point for Brazil to do some magic in this season's world cup. Brazil, the five time world cup champion, is now ready with their full squad to do something magical that soccer fans will remember.

In total 32 teams have been selected to participate in the biggest football championship. 32 teams have been divided into 8 groups where each group has 4 teams. From Group A to Group H, all high profile and low profile teams are ready to rock and roll in this 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The mighty Spain is in Group B with Netherlands, Chile, and Australia. The continuous performances of Spain have been ruined in the final of Confederations Cup 2013, where they got beaten by Brazil by 0-4. This has created a lots of buzz in Spain squads and they are now ready with some different strategy along with their tiki-taka football strategy.

The Group G is the group of death of 2014 FIFA Football World Cup. Germany, Portugal, Ghana and USA are in group G. It's easily seen that this groups has the most dangerous teams with the crowd of star players.

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