Round Four CONCACAF 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

CONCACAF 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

CONCACAF 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

From 6 February to 15 October this year, you are enjoying the round four, or the Hex (Hexagonal), of CONCACAF 2014 world cup qualifiers. The CONCACAF 2014 World Cup Qualifiers round four consist of six teams, reduced to the top three for the FIFA finals in Brazil and the fourth team will play an inter-confederation final game against the Oceania (OFC) winner, New Zealand.

The Format of CONCACAF Qualifiers
The format of CONCACAF 2014 world cup qualifiers has far been determined since May 2010 by the Executive Committee, with some changes follow, one of which is the Hexagonal – six teams in the final stage. The round one consists of ten nations, leaving five winners in the round two, six groups in the third, and finally two teams in the fourth. The top six nations form a group, with top three are world cup qualifying CONCACAF standings and the fourth moves ahead to the playoff against the top OFC team. Here is the arrangement:
•    Started teams: 35
•    Secured qualification teams: 0
•    Qualifying teams: 6
•    Eliminated teams: 29
•    Remaining places into finals: 3 or 4
•    Total places into finals: 3 or 4
•    Subsequent match day: June 4, 2013
•    Qualifying end-date: October 15, 2013

The Hex, therefore, has seen the CONCACAF world cup qualifiers 2014, arranged from the highest to the lowest. The rank is determined by the aggregate score, and then by goal differential and total goals of all games if tied. On the matches in 26 March 2013, Panama won the game against Honduras (2-0), Costa Rica against Jamaica (2-0), and Mexico was tied with the United States (0-0). The current CONCACAF round four ranks are:
•    Panama, 3 plays, 5 points (group C)
•    Costa Rica, 3 plays, 4 points (group B)
•    United States, 3 plays, 4 points (group A)
•    Honduras, 3 plays, 4 points (group C)
•    Mexico, 3 plays, 3 points (group B)
•    Jamaica, 3 plays, 2 points (group A)

Panama versus Honduras
Both teams have met twice throughout the round three, with Panama won 2-0 and then draw 0-0 – resulting in the country being a CONCACAF world cup qualifier. On the other hand, Honduras won the matches against the United States and Mexico, but was overwhelmed by Panama. Traditionally, baseball is more popular in the nation located at the isthmus flanked by Colombia and Costa Rica, but this time achievement is the other one after the semifinals of Gold Cup in 2011.

Costa Rica versus Jamaica
Despite the fact that FIFA did not allow the Costa Rican team to rematch against the US soccer team world cup 2014, Costa Rica stays a rank higher than the United States after winning the match against Jamaica. The Costa Rican’s heroes may go to Michael Umaña and Diego Calvo, but you cannot take the other team members for granted. Obviously, the team of Costa Rica got four points, being one of the runner-ups of CONCACAF 2014 world cup qualifiers, leaving behind Jamaica with two scores.

The United States versus Mexico
Although the third match of both teams resulted in 0-0 draw, the United States won one point more over Mexico. Still, the Hex match was such a long, sustained pressure for both sides, mainly due to the professional players of both teams, such as Dos Santos, Javier Hernandez, Michael Bradley, Torres Nilo, Jesús Zavala, Javier Aquino, El Tri, and the rest. Furthermore, you can almost sense that Mexico wanted to go up during the last half while the United States maintained for a draw. The draw eventually gave Mexico 3 points, one point lower than the United States as the country is tied with Honduras and Costa Rica for the second place, such a tight championship for CONCACAF 2014 world cup qualifiers.

The Fortune of CONCACAF Qualifiers
Controversy still clouds the team of the United States, but it does not mean other teams are on a very straight line. Mexico may climb higher than the current rank, but it is going to take a great effort for the subsequent seven matches until October. Even so, every team seems to need fortune apart from the hard work. Anyway, the CONCACAF world cup qualifying 2014 standings are still as disparaged as in the past. For all CONCACAF 2014 world cup qualifiers, the inconsistent temperatures, smog, altitude, humidity, smog, surfaces, and dodgy officiating, let alone the feral crowds, have such an impact on the hard work.

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